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Change lives in your community for Christ

Guidelines for Grants


We desire to partner with church planters to financially assist with the purchase of an existing church building or a building that can be converted into a church building. We may also assist with the construction of a church building or help pay off an existing loan for land owned by the applicant.


Grants shall be made for the purpose of acquiring a first sanctuary building.


No domestic grants will be considered if the Sunday morning attendance exceeds 150 including men, women and children. Grants will be awarded to congregations of about 25-150 people.


The applying Church must be at least three years old and the pastor must have been in place for at least eighteen months.


The applying Church must sustain a minimum of 25 persons or more in attendance on Sunday morning.


Grants will be disbursed as work progresses on the project, similar to how “draws” are distributed in a distributed for construction projects.


Only a limited number of projects will be funded per year as capital permits.

We look forward to exploring how we can help you build a vibrant, biblical Church to fulfill the Great Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for a grant?

We make grants to independent Baptist Churches that are seeking their first sanctuary building. This first building can be the purchase of a building or new construction. Usually, we prefer the Church would have been in existence for at least 3 years and have at least 25 members. There are guidelines used by the board to further qualify a Church. The grants are to be a help with the financial portion of the project, but we do not grant money to cover the full cost of the project. The new Church must also have their own investment in their new sanctuary. For information, please contact the board member in your region.

Why can’t I get pre-approved for a grant so when the timing is right we don’t have to wait?

The board of Jehovah-Jireh foundation believes it is important to use our available funds for current projects. We believe a pre-approval would in essence be a commitment to a project that then we would have to hold funds for that future obligation. Therefore, it is difficult to hold funds for a project that might happen in the future. Our goal is to utilize our resources for new Churches as the funds are available.

What type of construction work qualifies for a grant?

Jehovah-Jireh Foundation provides grants for the first sanctuary building. We do not provide grants for gyms, schools, or other types of facilities.

What are some ways that I can consider supporting Jehovah Jireh Foundation?

There are several ways to support the Jehovah-Jireh Foundation. If you are a Pastor of a Church, please consider partnering with us as a part of your monthly missions budget. Please visit our donation page or reach out to a board member in your region.

If you are an individual, please give here or contact Mike Gilbert at 806-252-3591 or Dave Schwanke at 603-770-9429.

For more detailed ways to support the ministry, view our ways to give page.

Let’s Build Together for Christ!

You have a vision to advance the Gospel through your Church – and change lives in your community for Christ. We want to help provide the space for that to happen! Take a moment to review our Grant Guidelines and then complete the form below to start your application.

Together, we’ll build the way to reach our world with the Gospel!

Grant Recipients

Scroll through the timeline to see grant recipients by year.



Oradea Baptist Church

Oradea, Romania
Missionary Steve Davis

Trinity Baptist Church

Festesti, Romania
Pastor Iosif Pop

Talkeetna Baptist Church

Talkeetna, AK
Pastor Herkstroeter 

Philadelphia Baptist Church

Winchasso, Peru
Pastor Eladio Bardales

Mexico City Baptist Church

Mexico City, Mexico

Heritage Baptist Church

Flemington, NJ
Pastor Dan Troutman

Colony Baptist Church

Ellenton, FL
Pastor George Hefner

Cimpani Baptist Church

Cimpani, Romania
Pastor Ghita Onaca

Calvary Baptist Church

Chisnan, Moldova

Baptist Church of Gepis

Gepis, Romania
Pastor Ioan Gavril Bondas

Annapolis Baptist Church

Annapolis, MD
Pastor Pat Creed, Jr.
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